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We are Escape Force

An exclusive Salesforce® Community Cloud Consultants

Branded Communities

Build Salesforce communities branded to your organization. Let your customers or partners know and recognize your brand at the same time use a secure and well connected system.

Enhanced Experience

Enhance the experience by enabling customers to find information or connect your external channel partners, agents, or brokers to reduce friction and accelerate deals.

Reliable Communication

Let customers find answers and work together to answer one another’s questions and solve problems. Collaborate better with your partners by providing current information.

There are numerous portal applications out there but Community Cloud service is the only solution that allows companies to create a Web presence for customers and partners well integrated into their data from other Salesforce applications, such as the Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud® solutions.

The Story

We are Salesforce® consulting partner and on working with numerous customers we noticed a need to exclusively help customers find the best in using Salesforce® community cloud.

Therefore we created an exclusive team dedicated to solving the partner and customer community needs based on our experience with myriad of customers.


When implementing and customizing communities, its important to define the strategy and the business need. This planning will improve and guide the development process. We at Escape Force can help you in this process.


Enhance customer and partner experience by providing the right information at the right time. Also allowing your customers and partners to interact with your team efficiently and accurately would go a long way in the success of your business. Escape Force can help you in this process from our experience with numerous client.


From authenticating users to encrypting company data, keeping your community secure is a concern for all business. Escape Force can analyze and secure your community access in tune with your company policy.


Community cloud has several canned reports. But this may not be sufficient for your customers and partners. Hence we can customize and develop reports that suits the need for improved and efficient interaction with your business.

Succeed with Salesforce's Community Cloud™ Service

At the core of Community Cloud is the ability for customers, partners, and employees to share information and help each other find answers. So let us help you in getting started and be part of your journey in ensuring world class service for your customers and partners with a world class product.

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